A Knife’s Edge-TV Script Episode One

Written by Myron Grace, Based On A Book by Eliot Parker

Scene One, Ep.1

Marvin Appears as the Sunlight Rises Over the Bridge in Downtown Charleston.

Opening Scene-Scene One-Scene One-Book Page 1

Book Text: Marvin pulled the thick coat around his mid-section girth and barely got the buttons snapped. He blew air into his hands twice, trying to get the stinging cold in his fingers to go away. He paced back and forth, looking up and listening to the cars coming down the ramp from the Southside Bridge onto MacCorkle Avenue.

Scene Background:

Scene One Shot One: Marvin appears out of the rising sun and steps put of car as he drives into an old-world neighborhood in Charleston.

Scene One Shot Two: Marvin rubs his hands and face briskly together as he wakes himself up.

Scene One Shot Three: As Marvin stands by the Bridge he listens to the cars and looks toward the Bridge.

Scene Two Shot One/Sounds Two=Standing beneath the underpass made Marvin feel even colder. It felt like all of the steel overhead clenched the cold and released it every time a car crossed.

Scene Two Shot Two

A Shot of the Ole C& O Railroad Depot.

Scene Two Action One: Marvin starts walking underpass that is holding up the Old Southside Bridge

Scene Two Shot Three: Shot of the Underpass.

Scene Two Sounds Three: You can here the Bridge Shake and Whisper as the Cars Cross.

Scene Three-Book Page 1

Book Text: Marvin learned the space had not been a railroad depot for a while. Instead, part of the building had become Laury’s Restaurant. The other part of the building was an Amtrak ticketing station, but with limited hours. Marvin went to Laury’s on his first night in Charleston,


Book Text Continued…….but the men dressed in tuxedos and the white tablecloths lining the round tables indicated a menu selection out of his price range. When the doorman greeted him in French, that was the last straw. Marvin drove to Patrick Street on the west side of town and ate at McDonald’s. Now, Laury’s was closed indefinitely due to busted water pipes that had flooded the restaurant.

The wind seemed to power through the space between the bridge ramp, the retaining wall and the restaurant. It blasted through the narrow space, slamming into Marvin’s face and making his nose run. He was used to the temperate March climate of Florida and found late winter in West Virginia revolting.

Marvin cast a look up and down the railroad tracks, wondering if a train would pass by before the meeting was over. Leaning against a concrete wall, he dug into his coat pocket and tapped out a cigarette. He nervously lit it and took a long drag before spitting out the smoke just as fast. When he turned to the left and looked back at Laury’s, he could see a shadow approaching.

Scene Three Shot One: A Shot of Laura’s Restaurant (Closed). A Shot of the Amtrak Station.

Scene Three Action One: The wind blows through Marvin’s Hair. Marvin Shakes in Cold.

Scene Three Shot Two: Marvin Lights a Cigarette and takes a few puffs and quickly puts it out as he see’s a figure approaching from the distance. Marvin walks toward the man to meet him in the middle.

Strange Man: Marvin, How are you?

Scene Three Shot Three: The man holds his hand up to shake Marvin’s hand. Marvin lifts his hand slowly showing signs of nervousness.

Marvin: I’m fine Sir!

Scene Four-Book Page 2

Book Text: The man also halted his steps and stood erect. Marvin guessed the distance between them to be ten yards.

Scene Four Action One/Shot One: The man in the distance and stands erect in a Military manner. As Marvin watches from about ten yards (He has a look of curiosity).

Book Text: Marvin cocked his head to the side.

Scene Four Action Two/Shot Two: The Man and Marvin Meet in the Middle of the Distance.

Marvin cocks his head back and begins to speak. The Man smiles at Marvin while speaking and they shake hands.


Marvin: “You the guy I talked to on the phone?”

Strange Man: The man answered. “It depends. Are you Marvin?”

Book Text: On the phone, his voice was a rich baritone. Marvin leaned closer. The man was medium-sized with close-shorn dark hair. His physique didn’t match his voice.

Marvin: “I want my money,” Marvin demanded.

A sly grin crossed the man’s face. “Here.”

Scene Four Action Three/Shot Three: Marvin Leans closer to the man and looks at him. Marvin grips his fist as he speaks. The man has a more serious look on his face, then he grins suspiciously.

Book Text: He pulled out a wad of cash wrapped in a dark plastic bag and threw it at Marvin. It landed in the space between them. Marvin, with his odd loping gait, kept his eyes on the man as he stepped forward to snatch the bag. Marvin jerked back a few steps, still watching the man. Marvin looked down at the bag. He tore it open and began counting. He winced.

Marvin: “This ain’t all of it.”

Strange Man: “I know,” the main replied cryptically. “Our friend’s think the second part of the agreement is payment enough.”

Scene Four Action Four/Shot Four: The man pulls out a dark plastic bag and drops in at Marvin’s feet.

Marvin bends down and snatches the bag. Marvin opens the bag and counts it as he looks at the man.

The man and Marvin look at each other strangely.

Book Text: Marvin cocked his head to the other side.

Marvin: “How do you know about that?” The man nodded his awareness in a silent answer. “Look,” Marvin continued, “my blood’s at the scene of that assault in Tampa. If the Tampa PD matches it to me, I’m going away for a long time.”

Scene Four Action Five/Shot Five: Marvin Cocks his head like in a mode of attack. The Man looks at Marvin with some sign of Fear and Distrust.

Book Text: Marvin could see the soles of the man’s feet bounce as he shifted his weight.

Strange Man: “Once we get everything established here in Charleston and make this the base of operations, we can have that blood changed. Remember, Marvin, we brought you to Charleston to let the heat die down in Tampa.”


Scene Four Action Six/Shot Six: The man shifts his feet and Marvin looks at the Man as if I wish you would.

Book Text: Marvin remembered. He furrowed his brow.

Marvin: “How do you all do that, anyway?”

Strange Man: The man shook his head. “It doesn’t matter. What did Sarah say?”

Marvin: “Not much,” Marvin replied, feeling his face flush with embarrassment. “I had the perfect plan. I watched her for a few days, waited until she parked at the top of that hospital garage, and then I went after her.”

Strange Man: The man scoffed. “The plan didn’t work.” He took a step closer. “And she will go to the police and file a report. Then the cops will be assigned to the case. The report will say you threatened to kill her!”

Scene Four Action Seven/Shot Seven: Marvin looks at the Man with Curiosity. The Man shakes his head. Marvin face lights up with embarrassment as they talk about Sarah! The man scoffs at Marvin.

Book Text: Marvin felt his heart race and he began to sweat, despite the chill.

Marvin: “Hey, look, man, I needed to threaten her to get her to talk.”

Strange Man: “Ha! I told you West Virginia women are tough.” The man finished his statement with a dry chuckle. “We will have to be careful now.” Marvin watched as the man rubbed his chin with a gloved hand. “That’s it. The meeting is over.”

Scene Four Action Eight/Shot Eight: Marvin begins to Perspire as him and the Man continues to talk. The Man Makes a dry Chuckle. The man rubs his other hand with a gloved hand. Marvin has a look of relief as the tells him the meeting is over.

Book Text: Marvin had so many questions, and the panic he felt came out in his voice, which was tight and sharp.

Marvin: “What about me and my situation? I mean, if I ain’t getting paid the full amount promised, at least will my problems in Florida be taken care of?

Strange Man: ” The same sly grin from earlier returned. “I’ll be in touch.” The dark-clothed figure pivoted and started walking away.


Marvin: “Hey!” Marvin called out. The shadow grew between them as the man walked faster.

Scene Four Action Nine/Shot Nine: When he emerged from just under the Southside Bridge ramp tunnel, Marvin felt his vision blur slightly as he became further encased in darkness.

Marvin: “Hey! When is my problem going to be fixed?”

Scene Four Action Ten/Shot Ten: The man stopped and spun around on the heels of his feet.

Strange Man: The Strange Man shouts. Marvin I’m going to solve your problem right now.

Scene Four Action Eleven/Shot Eleven: Marvin saw the form of something aiming for his head. A pop ricocheted in the tunnel. Marvin squinted through the dim light only to see the flick of a silver spark flash before the muscles in his legs gave way and the scene went black.

Scene 5-Book Page 4

Scene Five Action One/Shot One: Ronan enters the Kitchen half sleepy wiping his eyes. He eats some leftover Lasagna out of the Fridge and drinks a microwave cup of coffee.

Book Text: His plan was simple: he would support his boyfriend, Ty, by dressing up in his normal police uniform, complete with the utility belt. That would allow him access into the Clay Center to attend the dinner and dedication reception of the new Charleston Mercy Hospital Children’s Cancer Center. In full uniform, nobody would question why Ronan was there, and if someone did, he would simply say he was there to provide extra security for the event.

Scene Five Action Two/Shot Two: Ronan pulled his truck off Interstate 64 at the Leon Sullivan Way exit and accelerated down the off-ramp into downtown Charleston.

Book Text: The architect and designers of the Clay Center had thought of everything when designing the building, except parking.

Scene Five Action Three/Shot Three: Ronan turned left at the intersection of Leon Sullivan Way and Brooks Street and parked behind the Clay Center.

Book Text: The parking lot was once the site of Charleston High School, which closed in 1989. Now, Charleston Mercy Hospital owned the lot.

Scene Five Action Four/Shot Four: Once outside his car, Ronan looked across Washington Street East at Charleston Mercy Hospital.

Book Text: The bright-red, rectangular EMERGENCY sign jutted out from the building. To the right of the block frame that housed the Emergency Room, Ronan could see the tall, sloped towers of the new wing, rising behind the building like antlers.


Book Text: Ty was the emergency room charge nurse at the hospital.

Scene Five Action Five/Shot Five: As Ronan stared at the sign, his mind snapped back three years.

Book Text: He had been brought into the emergency room after responding to a hostage standoff on Seventh Avenue on Charleston’s West Side. After Ronan and several other officers had surrounded the house, a man started shooting at them, shattering most of the windows on the first floor of the house.

Book Text: Several shards of glass had landed in Ronan’s forearm. The paramedics rolled Ronan into the ER treatment area and pushed him against the wall. Ronan remembered how crowded the ER had been that night and the moans and cries of patients made him feel sick. As he waited to be examined with his bloody forearm bandaged,

Scene Six Action Six/Shot Six: Ronan looked over and saw Ty talking in angry, hushed tones on the phone to someone.

Book Text: Ronan was immediately struck by Ty’s physique; the tight, taught body, unblemished mocha colored skin, muscular deltoids, and the firmness of his back muscles which permeated his shirt.

Scene Six Action Seven/Shot Seven: Staring at Ty made those long moments in the emergency room pass quickly. When Ty hung up the phone, he turned around to face Ronan and dropped a small picture on the cot.

Scene Eight Action Eight/Shot Eight: Ronan looked at the picture, with Ty sitting closely next to another guy, their hands interlocked together. Ronan looked up at

Scene Six Action Nine/Shot Nine: Ty, who blushed and stuffed the picture into his pocket.

Ty: Ty told Ronan the guy’s name was Chris.

Ronan: He’s cute. But Not as cute as you Ty.

Scene Six Action Ten/Shot Ten:. Ronan Turns around and walks up close to Ty.

Ronan: Ronan asked Ty about Chris. Are you guys still together.

Ty: We had a breakup a few months back.

Ronan: Ty Can we go on a Date.

Ty: Yes, we can you big strong man. Here is my number.


Scene Six Action Eleven/Shot Eleven: Ty Hands Ronan his number, Ronan gives Ty a Juicy Kiss on the side of his lips. Ty Blushes as Ronan walks away.

Ronan: Smiling says Ty I will call you.

Book Text: Ronan smiled as he thought about that experience.

Scene Six Action Twelve/Shot Twelve: The bleated sound of a car horn pulled him from his thoughts. A dance of light and shadows from the low-hanging moon glinted off the glass façade of the hospital onto the street below. The air made Ronan’s hands clammy and cold. As he turned and charged around the west side of Clay Center, his face became numb and a chill went down his spine.

Book Text: The Clay Center opened on July 12, 2003, in the East End of Charleston. Ronan drove by the building every day during construction. The 240,000-square-foot facility took twenty years to build. From the first time a consultant had proposed the idea in 1983 until the doors finally opened, the Clay Center had run up a cost of $120 million dollars, was adorned with 500,000 red bricks, 400,000 concrete blocks, and featured a planetarium, an art gallery, a science museum, a black box theater and an acoustically superior 1,883-seat performance hall. Its cost, grandeur, and the fact that all of the building features were housed under one roof made it a unique facility and the envy of other cities in the United States. The facility was a symbol of opulence that stood out amongst the more rugged, craggy neighborhoods surrounding it.

Scene Six Action Thirteen/Shot Thirteen: Ronan rubbed the tip of his nose with the back of a hand and nodded politely as an elderly couple, adorned in formal evening wear, stared at Ronan for a moment and then rushed through the swinging glass doors of the Clay Center. He followed. Inside, several television cameras faced out from the wall to the right. As Ronan looked over the scene, his eyes fixed on Braxton Campbell, standing next to the mayor of Charleston, John McClure.

Scene Six Action Fourteen/Shot Fourteen: The Mayor is making a Speech.

Mayor: “This is a great day for healthcare in our region,” the mayor beamed.

Scene Six Action Fifteen/Shot Fifteen: His traditional dark tuxedo complemented his thick tuft of gray hair and dark eyes that were red-rimmed under the glare of brightly mounted camera lights.

Book Text: Mayor John McClure was short and portly, with a long, angular face and jowls that sagged below his jawline.


Mayor: “The city of Charleston, through the investment made by Charleston Mercy Hospital and with the support of BTech Laboratories, will be at the forefront of children’s cancer care not only in West Virginia, but throughout the entire region.”

Scene Six Action Sixteen/Shot Sixteen: The mayor flashed another toothy grin and nodded at a reporter amidst the rushing voices calling out questions.

Reporter One: “Mayor, what about BTech, the company that has occupied a floor of research space inside the new part of the hospital?”

Scene Six Action Seventeen/Shot Seventeen: That question made Ronan stop and turn around. The mayor, not anticipating the question, looked nervous. He smacked his lips and his eyes darted around the group nervously.

Mayor: “As…as with any new company that has decided to do business in Charleston, we are glad to have them here. We think having BTech in sync with the doctors and the medical professionals at the hospital will prove beneficial for everyone.”

Book Text: The press seemed satisfied with that answer. Ronan wanted to step forward and ask the mayor to truthfully complete the statement: the West Virginia State Police also expected BTech to process evidence and blood analysis in their crime lab, not in the lab in South Charleston. Ronan resisted. He had made his partner Eric Bonamico a promise to stay quiet on the issue and he would.

Scene Six Action Eighteen/Shot Eighteen: Braxton Campbell, a criminal defense attorney in Charleston, stood next to the mayor, smiling under the attention of the media. He leaned in and whispered something to the mayor; then the mayor held up a hand.

Scene Six Action Nineteen/Shot Nineteen: John reached an arm around Braxton

Book Text: Braxton was a large black man with a round face, thick neck, and broad shoulders. He could play linebacker for any professional football team. The mayor’s arm looked like a slack rope draped over the arm of the lawyer.

Mayor: “I almost forgot.” “This is Mr. Braxton Campbell. His personal $100,000 contribution helped solidify and finish the funding for the new cancer wing. I want to take a moment to introduce him.”

Scene Six Action Twenty/Shot Twenty: Braxton embraced the mayor and posed for the typical grip-and-grin photo-op that most politicians have perfected. After a few seconds, the media pounced on Braxton.


Reporter Two: “Mr. Campbell, is there any truth to the story that you are going to run for Kanawha County Prosecutor in May?” one female reporter asked, raising her microphone until it was inches from his lips.

Scene Six Action Twenty-One/Shot Twenty-One: Hearing that question caused Ronan to arch an eyebrow and lean in closer. He wanted to hear more.

Reporter Two: “Have you received support for your candidacy from current prosecutor Dennis Sanders, before his term expires?”

Scene Six Action Twenty-Two/Shot Twenty-Two: A third reporter chimed in.

Reporter Three: “Having been a defense attorney in private practice, how will that experience translate into your acting as a successful prosecutor?”

Scene Six Action Twenty-Three/Shot Twenty-Three: The large smile on Braxton’s face waned as the press continued to pepper him with questions. The mayor stopped the interrogation.

Mayor: “Folks, I want to thank you for coming. I am proud that Mr. Campbell played an important role in offering legal expertise to the city as we fought the scourge of drug dealers that took over our city in the fall. But the event tonight is about fundraisers and organizers for the children’s cancer wing. Questions about Mr. Campbell’s professional choices can be answered another time.”

Scene Six Action Twenty-Four/Shot Twenty-Four: The When the reporters took in a collective breath and began firing off yet more questions, the mayor silenced them.

Mayor: “Thank you. Thank you for coming. This is a great day for Charleston.”

Book Text: Ronan walked over to the performance hall lobby. Inside, soft orchestral music played in the background as overly formally dressed guests milled about the room, talking in small groups, holding cocktails and chatting with exaggerated expressions. Ronan felt awkward and out of place. A large dais adorned with two long tables and a podium ran across the right side of the room, just below the spiral steel staircase that slinked up to the second floor of the Clay Center. Three- armed security guards, wearing dark black uniforms with matching boots, stood positioned on three sides of the lobby.

Scene Six Action Twenty-Five/Shot Twenty-Five: They Security Guards glanced stoically around the room as the guests circulated.

Book Text: The room was filled with round tables and plush, comfortable chairs. The many tables were adorned with glassware and glistening silverware, perfectly set with the stacked plates in front of each seat.


Book Text Continued….Across the left wall, running under the square glass windows, were several tables groaning with food.

Scene Six Action Twenty-Six/Shot Twenty-Six: Ronan padded over to the lavish display of smoked fish, carved meats, hand-tossed salads, and vegetables. Ronan reached down, plucked a celery stick from a tray, and stuffed into his mouth.

Ty: “Ronan.”

Scene Six Action Twenty-Seven/Shot Twenty-Seven: He felt his face flush at the embarrassment of getting caught taking something from a food tray. When Ronan whirled around, he saw Ty staring at him, with a look of both bemusement and concern.

Ronan: “Ty,” Ronan said, gnawing the celery and swallowing.“What’s going on?”

Scene Six Action Twenty-Eight/Shot Twenty-Eight: Ronan smirked.

Ty: “Surprise.”

Scene Six Action Twenty-Nine/Shot Twenty-Nine: Ty folded his arms. “Is everything okay?”

Ty: “I know I shouldn’t have taken something from the buffet without asking.”

Scene Six Action Thirty/Shot Thirty: Ty gazed past Ronan and then settled his eyes on him again.

Ronan: A moment passed. Ronan said, “I wanted to be here to show my support.”

Book Text: He could not help but be impressed. Dressed in a traditional tuxedo, Ty showed an amazing style.

Scene Six Action Thirty-One/Shot Thirty-One: Ty was shorter than Ronan, with a hard, lean frame. The shapely fit of the tuxedo accentuated the appeal of his features. His flawless olive, Polynesian skin offset his dark, pecan-shaped eyes, and those eyes brought out the natural allure of his oval-shaped face. The dimples on his chin flexed anytime Ty set his jaw.

Scene Six Action Thirty-Two/Shot Thirty-Two: Ty looked Ronan over with delight. Ty flashed a glowing grin at Ronan. He stepped closer to him and pressed his palms against Ronan’s chest. Ty looked up at Ronan with a look of endearment. Ronan nervously cleared his throat and pushed Ty’s hands away. Ty appeared wounded.

Ronan: “Is there someplace we can talk?”

Scene Six Action Thirty-Three/Shot Thirty-Three: Ty sighed.

Ty: “Yes. Follow me.


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