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Rockie Thunder 

Chief Managing Officer (CMO)  

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        Entertainment Biography

           What is Starlight Midwest Entertainment?:

             Starlight Midwest Entertainment is a publishing company,

            a record label, a  production company, a film company,

            an artists management company, and a promotions company.

Membership: The membership is through the American Society of Composers Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) One Lincoln Plaza New York, NY 10023.


Affiliates: Affiliates include LMC PRODUCTIONS, Black Castle Films, Gateway Music, and  New World Soldiers Entertainment, Screenworks Entertainment, Worldwide Digital Media, Hollywood Star Magazine. 

Mission Statement The purpose of the company

is to provide music for an International urban culture,

film projects for an International

urban culture, literature for an International urban culture,

and to provide a complete entertainment alternative for

an International culture in a positive and professional manner.

            Establishment:  The company was established in the year 2000 and has

 been operating in the Cleveland, Ohio community for four years. The company was founded by Executive Producer/CEO Myron A. Grace.

            Who is Myron A. Grace ?:  Myron A. Grace attended Thomas M.

            Cooley Law in Lansing, Michigan from the year 2000-2002.  Myron has a

            Bachelor?s of Arts from Cleveland State University in the year1997. 

            He received his high school diploma in 1987 from the Cleveland School

            of Science, where he studied Science and Advanced Mathematics.    

            He was trained in dance at the Cleveland School of Arts in 1984 and was a

            musical performer known as ?Starchild? from 1983 until 1987.  Myron

            currently serves as Executive Producer/CEO of Starlight Midwest


            Awards: Scholastic Press Award Cuyahoga Comunity College Cleveland, Ohio (1992)

            American Associated Press. Arts of Peace Award (2004) Cleveland Public Schools. 

            Ambassador of Peace Award Universal Peace Federation (2007).


Executive Staff: Starlight Midwest Entertainment has a highly diversified executive staff.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO): Myron A. Grace. His duties include managing all executive staff members and overseeing all company projects. Myron A. Grace is a gifted song, play and film writer.

Chief Managing Officer (CMO):Her duties include to help assist in running all top executive projects and involved in making all top executive decisions. (Vacant).

Executive Vice President: Vacant.  Her duties include to help manage all executive staff members and to assist in solicitation of major entertainment companies. She oversees all projects for Black Castle Films.

she  has innovative movie/tv ideas and is a good leader.

Administrative Vice President: Vacant.  Her duties include assisting in all project solicitations and overseeing all administrative duties..

Vice President of Business Administration: Vacant. Her duties include assisting in overseeing all business transactions and overseeing all Company office business. This person needs to be a highly enthusiastic person.

Vice President of Entertainment and Arts: Vacant. His duties include writing and producing original music and overseeing artistic creation for the Company on all projects. 

Vice President of New World Soldiers Entertainment: Yashua Payne. His duties include overseeing the New World Soldiers Record Label and signing underground artists to the company. Yashua Payne has an ear for hip hop culture.

Jr. Vice Presidents of Entertainment and Arts: Vacant. There duties include assisting in music production and artistic design for the Company. 

Artists Management: Starlight Midwest Entertainment past management the actress and model ?Tondaway Paxton?, and the hip hop artist Mr. Six Fingers.

Recent Projects: New World Soldiers performed with Bones, Thugs and Harmony at Peabody?s on November 25th 2004. Seven performed with rapper Ludacris at Club Moda on October 16th 2004 in Cleveland, Ohio.?Love Don?t Live Here? the play will be at Playhouse Square March 2005.  "Love Don't Live Here" Soundtrack is in the process of recording at Ruggett Beat Studios Long Island New York, NY January 2005. The "Grace Family" television show April 2005. "Love Don't Live Here"returns to the Cleveland Playhouse Square August 19,20,21 2005. "The Grace Family' screener May 2006, marketed to the international television industry."The Grace Family" Television Show" one full season on WDRL-TV UPN 24 Roanoke, Va. The "Family Grace Show" Executive Producer (2007) In Development. "The Benvenutti Family"  Line Producer (2007) In Development. Acting Theory Workshop Teacher Two Weeks Summer (2008). Johnny Skillz Music Video (Club, Lido Cleveland Ohio)April/2009.My Mother My Brother and My Sister Tv Pilot (August/2009). The Italian Americans The Movie (In Development). The Grace Family (In Development) (2015). The Midnight Hour Radio Show (Ongoing)(2015).

Past Projects: Seven performed with Anthony Hamilton at the Scene Pavilion on July 9th, 2004.  The Demo Package Contest and Party January 30th 2004 at Club 75, 75 Public Square in Cleveland, Ohio.

Mult-Media: Starlight Midwest Entertainment had a #1 Radio Show on the Radio One Network WERE 1300 AM from June 2003 until July 2004 called the ? Starlight Music Hour?, over 40,000 listeners weekly on Saturday nights."The Grace Family" Television Show" one full season on WDRL-TV UPN 24 Roanoke, Va 2006.

Recording Studios: Starlight Midwest Entertainment has recorded music in

Closer Look Studios in Cleveland, Ohio; Buchanan Studios in Cleveland, Ohio; Broadway Sound Lab in Cleveland, Ohio; and Ruggett Beats Studios Long Island, New York ( DJ K.G.). Chelsea Recording Studios New York City Summer 2006 "The Grace Show".


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