Music Nation In Association with Screenworks Entertainment Independent Music Awards. May 2019 in Cleveland Ohio surrounding area. "One of The  Shows In The History of Music". 79 Major Music Labels and Independent Major Music Labels will be invited. The Top 100 Hip R&B Stars and 50 Gospel Stars Will Be Invited! Nominate Your Favorite Independent Music Artist! 100 Recording Artist Will Be Chosen to receive of these Honorary Awards for their commitment to their music. Open slots to perform at this event for Music Artist & Dancers. Special Performances. The Event will be Filmed and may be Televised Live! For More Information Contact Myron Grace, T:(310)439-8926. Vendors & Authors Welcome. Table Space Available! This is a Red Carpet Event!
Nomination Categories
Best New Music Artist, Best Female Music Artist, Best New Male Artist, Best Hip Hop Rap Artist Male, Best Hip Hop Rap Artist Female, Best R&B Artist Male, Best R&B Artist Female, Best Pop Artist Male, Best Pop Artist Female, Best Performer of the Year, Best Hip Hop Group, Best R&B Group. Best Gospel Artist Male, Best Gospel Artist Female, Best Gospel Group, Best Gospel Performance of the Year. (

Music Nation- "Entertaining The Nation"-Investor Invitation-Screenworks Entertainment

Music Nation is a Worldwide Entertainment Company that is dedicated to providing the highest quality Entertainment across The United States and Worldwide. Music Nation has a primary focus on developing Music Concerts, developing Comedy Shows, developing Artistic Performances and Venues across The United States and Worldwide.

Music Nation will support all Music Venues including Rock, Reggae, Country, Jazz, Latin,R&B, Hip Hop, and other forms of Music.

Music Nation is focused on providing generous income, repetitive income, and new income to all Investors through the Dynamic Operation of the Company in providing quality Entertainment Across The United States and Worldwide. 
Music Nation has a focus on making all Investors Millionaires within 60 months.

For more information contact: Myron Grace T:(310)439-8926, E:

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