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                                                                                         My Crazy Family



Running Head: My Crazy Family






                           My Crazy Family


                           Created and Written by Myron A. Grace ( Tone Max)











Tone Max Films 2009.

ASCAP One Lincoln Plaza NY, NY 10013







































                                                                                                My Crazy Family




                                                My Crazy Family



Mario is a divorced father of two. He works in a neighborhood

                        mini-mart. A visits a local fortune teller Mama Rosa who gives him

                        six winning lottery numbers. He wins the lottery, but finds out

                        she gave the numbers too almost one-hundred other people.

                        He only gets $50,000 which is only enough to buy partners into the

                        store he works. He partners with his former boss and buys into the

                        neighborhood mini-mart. His business partner Roger has a serious

                        gambling problem, and Mario always has to bail him out. His ex-wife

Tracey is a gold-digger, who is always trying to take Mario’s money.

                        Mario lives with his mom and dad who are divorced, but they

                        still live together. There are many characters in the neighborhood

                        that visit the mini-mart, and Mario is always trying help everyone.

































                                                                                                            My Crazy Family



                        Fade In


                        Exterior: Housing Projects


                        A group of children are playing in the low income apartment complex.


                        Interior: Apartment-Day


                        We are in the living room of Mario Gonzalez. A 30’s year old man. He

                        Walks out of the bedroom in his t-shirt.



                                    Ma, where is my shirt?


                        From the other room comes Louise. This is his mom she has his

                        shirt in her hand.



                                    It’s right here Mario. I just finished ironing it.



                                    Thanks mom. You did not have too.



                                    I know, but if I did not who would.

                                    Even when you were married to that witch,

                                    It would not get done. (Laughs).


                        Mario takes the shirt and puts it on. His father Franklin,

                        walks into the room.



                                    Hi pops, your up early.


                        Franklin grabs the sides of Mario’s head, and look him straight in the eye.




                                    Mario is my hair curly?


                        Mario looks at his mom funny, from across the room. Franklin walks

                        and looks at himself in the living room mirror.



                        I don’t know about your hair being curly, but your brain is very curly,

                        and full of fluff. (Laughs).








                                                                                                            My Crazy Family




                                    Did somebody say something?


                        Mario looks at his mother, with a crazy eye.



                                    Mom. Why don’t you tell him to fix

                                    That hearing aid?



                                    You tell him. He does that, so he can’t hear me. (Laughs).

                                    He never went and replaced the battery. Besides

                                    I don’t talk to him anymore anyways.



                                    But, Mom. He your husband.



                                    He was my husband. We divorced five years.



                                    Then why don’t one of you move out?


                        Louise grabs Mario’s hand and looks him in the eye.



                                    Mario, why would we do that? You want us to

                                    break up a happy family. Besides, who would pay the bills? (Laughs).

                                    Now go on you’ll be late for work, and your kids are coming to visit

                                    Later today.



                                    Yeah, Tracey said she was taking them to the zoo and visit

                                    some of her relatives, the hyenas’. Then she was bringing them over.




















                                                                                                My Crazy Family




                        If she is visiting her family at the zoo, then maybe she should stay there.

                        She’ll fit right in there? (Laughs).



                        Mom, be nice. She the mother of my children.



                        After all she did to you, running off with that  truck driver and

                        taking the children.



                        Please don’t remind me. The lord says forgive and forget.



                        I will pray for her.



                        That’s much better Mom.



                        I will pray that she gets diarrhea in the middle of a crowded bus.





Shame on you mom. I have to go to work, before I’m late.

Please don’t get on Pops nerves today.


Franklin comes out the bathroom.



Did I hear you talking about the zoo, Mario.



Yeah, Pops. Tracey is taking the kids to the zoo.



Mario, don’t forget to take your mother back to the Zebra

section and drop her off. (Laughs).


Louise looks crazy at Franklin.



                        Why you? No good idiot. (Laughs).



                        Pops shame on you. That’s your wife.


            Mario waves goodbye to his father as he walks out the door.




                                                                                                My Crazy Family



            Interior: Grocery Store-Day


            A shabby grocery store that looks like it’s on it’s last legs. The shelves are empty,

            and there are no customers in the store. A security guard Carlos is nodding off

            in a chair.


            Behind the counter is Roger the owner of the store, who inherited the store

            when his father died. He has a horse racing form in his hand, and is talking on

            the telephone.


            A sharp dressed bookie walks into the store.


Carlos runs behind one of the aisles. ( Laughs).



            Roger, Roger, Roger. What am I going to do with you? I hope you

            have my money? Your out of time, and you owe me twenty-five large.


            The Bookie punches his hands.



            Don’t hurt yourself doing that? I need a few days. Please just one more

            week and I will have it.



            I am going to be sorry Roger, if you don’t come up with the money.

            You’re a nice guy. I would not want to see you disappear. You have until Friday.


            The bookie walks out the store. Carlos walks from behind the aisle with his shoulder

            Standing broad.



            He’s lucky I had to, use it. I would have thrown him out the door.



            Carlos shut, up. You jump on the counter when you see a mouse. ( Laughs).


            Mario walks into the store, ready for work. Mario Looks at Carlos, and then at

            Roger and they both are petrified. (Laughs).



SCreenworks Starlight Midwest Entertainment 2011.


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