Advertising Rates

The Midnight Hour Radio Show 


 Broadcast Times

 Saturdays 11:59pm to Sundays 2 am

 Commercial Rates (We make the commercial for you free)

 30/sec spots-$35

 60/sec spots $65

 All Commercials have to be placed one week in advance to allow production time and scheduling.


 Event Announcements

 One-time announcement- $40/per show

 Two-time announcement-$60/per show

 Three-time announcement-$80/per show

 All event announcements must be handed in 24 hours early to allow scheduling.

 Business Advertising On-Air Showcases

 15-minutes/$60 per show

 30-minutes/$100 per show

 45 minutes/$140 per show

 60 minutes/$180 per show


 Contact Us for Advertising & Media Relations

 Vivian L Sharpe,  Director Advertising & Sales The Midnight Hour Show



Myron A. Grace

 Call: (310) 439-8926  Email:

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