My Mother, My Brother, and My Sister

My Mother, My Brother, and My Sister

Episode 1 scene 1




Rebecca:   how do I look? I think I’m late (As she looks herself over in the mirror) I’m a bit nervous, I can’t believe I let you talk me into going on a blind date; I must be crazy or getting old



SAM: getting old, just kidding;(smile) you look great but I think you should wear the little black dress with the low cut, you know the one that makes you look like you have big………..         



REBECCA: SAMANTHA! You stop that right now, the kids will hear you



SAM: you don’t want them to think their mother is a hottie? (Smiling)



REBECCA: Well, I do look good; great even (as she turns and look at herself in the mirror) I do hope he appreciates the length am going through to make this date. I hope he is rich and tall and has a great smile; I love guys with great looking teeth. So tell me more about this guy you set me up with…..



SAM: Well, I don’t know too too much about him but….






SAM: No, no, no he’s a friend of a friend; actually, he’s an accountant with a very large firm, and I was told that he is quite charming


REBECCA: Charming is not too good in my book something tells me he’s ……





REBECCA: Charming is, well you know? BORING, and you know I want some fun in my life I really deserve it after all I’ve been through



SAM: yeah I know, you really deserve to have some fun and who knows he could be the man of you dreams, well at least the next man of your dreams



REBECCA: Girl, next time around I’m going into this wide awake, I want to see everything if you know what I mean

(The two ladies laugh)






REBECCA: here we go………(as she gives herself one last look over in the mirror)



















































Scene 2


ASHLEY: Mom! what are you wearing? You can’t leave the house looking like that? Old men would steer at you



SAM: (speaking under her breath) that’s exactly what she wants



ASHELY: What did you say Aunt Sam?



SAM: Nothing sweetie, nothing at all (smiling)



ASHLEY: You two are up to no good as usual I don’t trust any of you



REBECCA: Your loving aunt has fixed me up with a blind date tonight and I can’t get out of it



ASHLEY: Why can’t you, you taught us to “just say No” so why can’t you practice what you preach.



REBECCA: That’s to drugs and cigarettes and that sort of thing, besides you know what I mean.



ASHLEY: maybe he’s a drug dealer or uses drugs or knows people who deals drugs or something just say No mom……..i hope you know that I’m learning from you, I hope you know that.



REBECCA: Ashley, just get the door.



ASHLEY: Parker will get it, and you didn’t answer my question. Mom who is this guy I’m very serious it could be dangerous going out with someone you don’t know I listen to the news all the time and people just disappear



REBECCA: Parker who is at the door? Lord this house is so noisy I can’t hear myself think


PARKER: hey Bob its only you (with a sigh)


BOB: Hey Parker I hear your mother has a date, she should be lucky some guy wants to take her out (peeking into the living room) there are not many of us left out there you know



PARKER: many of whom? What are you talking about Bob? And besides you know the rules for entering into this apartment (parker stretches out his open palms) this time it’s an exclusive so I need more….(rubbing his fingers together)


BOB: This better be good (Bob hands him a $10.00 bill) darn extortionist!


PARKER: Hand it over or get out! I don’t have a lot of time to waste with you, I have other clients who would be pretty interested in what I have to offer so put out or get out!


BOB: ok ok here you go………so what’s the new news, is your sister pregnant? What, what, what is it? Come on don’t hold out on me…..


PARKER: Oh it’s the same old story but just a new day (walks away counting his money)


BOB: You little………… (runs after Parker)


PARKER: Helpppppppp! Mom! Mom!(run into the kitchen)













































(buzz, buzz the door bell)

SAM: Get the door somebody!


SAM: Parker, Ashley, Lionel, somebody please get the door! Ask who before you open it.

(running footsteps)


LIONEL: I’ll get, I’ll get it! Who is it?


JONATHAN: It’s Jonathan Winslow the third (III) I’m here to see Rebecca


LIONEL: Aunt Becky! Aunt Becky it’s for you, its Jonathan Winslow the 3rd. I can’t see him through the peep hole but I could hear him (whisper) but I’m sure he’s a nice guy (smile)


BOB: (Reading the newspaper looks up) finally! Some action I need to get my money’s worth


REBECCA: hi Bob what are you doing here? Go home


BOB: Wow! You look great Beck! who knew you could look like this, you clean up very nicely (winking at Rebecca)


REBECCA: get out Bob, don’t you have a home? Every time I turn around I see you, lord I swear you live here, and why not everyone in the world lives here.

(opens door) Hello, hello but there’s no one here, oops, there you are.


JONATHAN: (Clears his throat) I’m down here (holding a bunch of flowers) you must be Rebecca these are for you; you are more beautiful than how my friend described you.


REBECCA: Well thank you and the flowers are beautiful! Well no one told me much about you (speaking under her breath)


JONATHAN: What did you say?


REBECCA: Nothing, come right in I’ll put these into a vase with water and I’ll be right back


BOB: Hi I’m Bob, friend of the family and who…


REBECCA: And he was just leaving, good bye Bob and shut the door behind you


BOB: fine, but I’ll tell you this, next time my visit will not be so long I have better things to do with my time, than to come here and sit all day (as he closes the door)


REBECCA: (Walks into the kitchen) I’m going to kill you Sam, this is the last time I let you do this to me, look at him I almost stepped on him he’s so


SAM: Short? He’s not that bad I’ve seen shorter then that


LIONEL: YEA me too, he can fit into our television easily


SAM: Stop that Lionel, that’s not a nice thing to say about little people (smiling)


LIONEL: I swear he could be my twin, is he your date aunt Becky? Maybe you should have just taken me out to dinner but I wouldn’t be able to give you flower though; do you think he can drive? I bet his legs don’t even touch the gas peddle


PARKER: did some one say bet? What are we betting on I have money and I’ll double your bet


LIONEL: Aunt Becky’s new boyfriend feet cannot touch the gas peddle


PARKER: maybe he rode his bicycle its kinda cold out there mom so you better wear a warm coat or maybe mom you’ll drive his car


ASHLEY: who’s driving what car? What are we talking about?


PARKER: Mom’s new boyfriend


REBECCA: Well I’m off, and he’s not my boyfriend! You kids behave yourselves and don’t give aunt Sam any trouble………(walking to the living room with Sam)

REBECCA: Sam, remind me to kill you when I get back…….are you ready Jonathan?


JONATHAN: Sure I’m ready we are going to have the best time ever, I am going to treat you like the queen you are………(walks out the door)


NIVIA: hi mom, bye mom where’s she going all dressed up like that? At least someone is having fun, my life is crappy and I don’t have a future to look forward to….the guy I call my father SOCK BIG TIME and I don’t know what I’m going to do, I might as well just become a waitress for the rest of my life and forget about college besides, college is over rated anyway (drop down on the couch very depressed and crying) I HATE MY LIFE!!


PARKER: What’s wrong with you Niv?


NIVIA: Listen Parker I’m really in no mood for your craziness today, so go away and leave me alone right now (sobbing)


PARKER: But Niv…..


NIVIA: LEAVE ME ALONE!! GO! I don’t want to see you, I don’t want to see any of you JUST LEAVE!


SAM: What’s all the yelling about? Parker what did you do this time?


PARKER: It wasn’t me I swear, it wasn’t me this time. I know when I’m not WANTED! (Leaving the living room)


SAM: Just go to your room or something, better yet; go do your home work


SAM: What’s eating you Niv? (puts her arms around her to comfort her) talk to me sweetie; there, there I know how you feel, men can be really, really mean; I remember when my heart was broken by that pea brain Robert Cunningham who thought because his family was rich I wasn’t good enough for him to take me to the dance and you know that was THE DANCE and I really wanted to go because I bought this really, really nice dress I saved for a really, really long time and finally was able to buy it when that no good, pea brain Robert Cunningham told me that he couldn’t take me because his family wanted him to take that Cathy person, I could have squeeze the living daylight out of him, that little twit……..


NIVIA: Aunt Sam, Aunt Sam I can’t breathe, you’re crushing me


SAM: oh sorry baby, did I hurt you? I got carried away I’m so sorry but it’ll be alright keep your chin up baby, MEN, WHO NEEDS THEM RIGHT? (Gets up and started walking away)


NIVIA: RIGHT Aunt Sam (forcing a smile but still depressed)




NIVIA: hello? Hello? Where were you? I waited all day for you and you didn’t show up, what am I going to do now? But I told you about this a long time ago and you promised me that you would be there for me, how can you do this to me? How can you just forget about your promises to me? So what about my future and what I want? Don’t they count? But I thought I belong to you, you know I wanted this so badly and now I can’t have it, any of it (sobbing) you promise; you promised (drop the phone while crying)


ASHLEY: Niv? (Sat down and hugged her) I heard, I know (wipes her sister’s eyes) we can’t let him get away with this; You shouldn’t let him do this to you; you give and give all the time when is it your time? He should be giving you, you totally deserve it Niv.


NIVIA: No Ash, this is my problem I will figure it out some how


ASHLEY: No way, this is my problem too and besides my turn is coming soon enough so we have to nip this in the bud so it won’t happen again; we will let him pay, should we tell Mom? You know how she is, she may not want us to do anything but I think we deserve this and he should pay dearly why should we be the ones to suffer? I don’t intend to suffer in silence you know misery loves company (both girls smile) you with me sis?


NIVIA: All the way to the bank


ASHLEY: Let’ s get you the best education money could buy and a great graduation out fit while we’re at it  ………come on Niv, we have a lot of planning to do……(girls walk upstairs)





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